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Raves and Testimonials:


Carol Hicks Bolton, designer, co-owner and creator of Homestead, Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquites, Gus Antiques & Wonders, Furniture Designer at EJ Victor:

"Don't think for a minute that doing business in a small town in Texas robs one of working with talented, techy artisans....Anne Lorys is one of the star photographers in our little village of Fredericksburg. I knew what I wanted for my website, but just didn't know how to get there - I don't believe in mind reading, but she read mine.....her photography is lovely and soulful. She has a vision for her art, but understands how to meld her talent with the clients needs."


Bex Hale, HGTV Design Star and Owner, Wolf Creek Ranch: 

"Anne! - You EXCEEDED our expectations! The photos are absolutely fabulous. You made a true believer of my husband who has not seen the full value of professional photographs until he viewed your work...We love love LOVE what you've done and wouldn't dream of using anyone else in the future. You NAILED it!!!"


Jickie Torres, Editor at Cottage and Bungalows, Beckett Media:
"Anne has impeccable style and photography work to match. She has a wonderful ability to infuse warmth, and character into any photograph. We are thrilled to use her work in our magazine."


Carol Spinski, Published Writer, Photo-Stylist at Raised in Cotton:


"Anne has a passion for photography which is echoed in the beautiful images she produces for her clients. Texas is lucky to have her!


Theresa Cano, owner of Garden Antqs Vintage:


"Anne does an amazing job at capturing the spirit of what she is photographing. She's photographed pictures of my things several times and has had them published in magazines. I would recommend her for any job."


Dawn Houseal, co-owner of Sisters Vintage Party Event Rental and Styling:


"Anne has taken her passion and knowledge of art, light, and design to another level with her new offering of Bridal Photography! Sprinkled with her desire to create beautiful and unique bridal photographs, brides can be sure their most special memory will be captured... and it will be captivating! Anne's passion for her photography and her clients is apparent not only in her work, but also in her relationship with her clients. She is grateful, respectful, and fun while investing her complete self into you and the photography task at hand!"


Ron Anderson, co-owner of Binky la Faye:


"As everyone with a camera phone and photoshop now "thinks" they are photographers it has been a genuine pleasure to work with a true professional like Anne.she not only understands the mechanics and detail of photography, she also has the intuitive eye of an artist and the grace of capturing the beautiful on film. oh yes, she is a wonderful, fun and interesting person to hang out with on top of her immense talent!" 


Susan Giardina, co-owner of Sugarberry Inn:


"Anne is a pleasure to work with and has captured the essence of Sugarberry Inn beautifully! Now we can show the world just how special our little place is." 


Dixie Kazmark DeRocher, Junk Salvation and Funky Junk Sisters Vintage Market:


"Just breathtaking! One of the most talented photographers out there."


Adrienne Lopez, co-owner of Ufer Haus Guest House:


"There was no question on who we would use to take photos of our guest house. Anne Lorys Photography is the best and I love that she helps to promote our place!" 


Deb Kennedy, Published Writer and Photographer, Retail Visual Designer at Disneyland, blogger at HOMEWARDfound decor:


"Anne has a remarkable ability to capture a mood in her photographs, transporting us from our everyday lives into a realm of fantasy and dreams as we see the world through her eyes..."



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